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Mediumship Reading
Mediumship Reading
Mediumship Reading

Mediumship Reading

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Losing a loved one is quite a painful thing that happens to us, but losing them without a proper closure is worse. Also, there are times when we think, “what if we could know whether they are with us or not”? If you have lost a loved one and you want to get certain messages from them to put yourself to peace, our reader is going to help you with her mediumship skills.


  • Messages from the deceased one
  • Closure from the one you have lost
  • QUESTION INCLUDED: Did they go through an untimely death?

At the end of the session, if needed, our reader prays (Hindu Mantra) for your loved one to rest in peace in the other dimension.

Delivery Time: 3-4 Days

Note: Kindly email us at if you need the readings urgently, we will try to deliver it as soon as possible.