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Full Moon Healing

Full Moon Healing

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Purpose of the Ritual:

Removal of Attachment with Past Relationships and Traumas.

A Hindu Mantra charged candle with different herbs is lit in your name on the night of Full Moon. The intention of our healer is to help all those who are unable to "let go" of their past and find it difficult to move on from emotionally draining attachments.


  • None of the healing rituals performed by our healer are evil or related to dirty magic.
  • Healing rituals MUST NEVER be considered substitutes for medicines or other on-going treatments.
  • It takes anywhere from 3 days to 90 days for a healing work to start showing its effects.
  • Healing works according to your faith in the Universe and acceptance of the energies sent by the healer.
  • Every single healing ritual is performed with an intention to help you boost your good intentions.
  • Our healer performs every single ritual with utmost love, healing light, and pure intentions.
  • Healing rituals performed by our healer are a combination of healing light, Hindu Mantras, and Candle (White) Magick.
  • Full/New Moon healing rituals are performed during the respective nights; thus, they need to be pre-booked. 

Why Pay for this Ritual?

  • All the materials used for the ritual (candles, herbs, flowers, etc.) are bought by our healer.
  • Every single ritual takes a lot of healer's energy.
  • Ritual requires investment of time by the healer. 

In short, you pay for the materials, energy, and time of the healer. Also, paying for rituals keeps you away from "Karmic Debts."

What do you Receive?

  • A video of the candle lit in your name with Mantra being chanted for you.
  • FREE Angel Message to pass a message from your angels.
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