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Detailed Relationship Compatibility

Detailed Relationship Compatibility

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Compatibility Factor

How compatible are you with your partner? Our reader is here to "match your cards"! She draws a minimum of three cards for you and your partner, individually, to find out how compatible are you guys are together. This can be quite a fun thing to try!

What you'll get?

Spiritual Compatibility

Question Included: Are we soulmates or into a Karmic relationship?

Sexual Compatibility

Question Included: Will we always have the intimacy chemistry between us?

Emotional Compatibility

Question Included: Does my partner understand me or do they simply ignore me?


Six Cards for You - Six Cards for Your Partner (Two Past – Two Present – Two Future)

Question Included: Are we going to be together for the rest of our lives?
Please note that all the readings would include compatibility based on:

  • Zodiac signs
  • Numbers calculated by the given birthdates
  • Auras

Delivery Time: 3-4 Days (Email us at if you need it urgently)

Note: We are very careful about the privacy of our clients, we assure you that your Name, Birthdate, Picture, and Questions will be only used for doing tarot reading and nowhere else in any way. The photos you see in the review section are all put by the clients themselves after getting the reading.

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