Detailed Relationship Compatibility

Detailed Relationship Compatibility

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How compatible are you with your partner? Our reader is here to "match your cards"! She draws a minimum of three cards for you and your partner, individually, to find out how compatible are you guys are together. This can be quite a fun thing to try!

What you'll get?

Spiritual Compatibility

Questions Included: Are we soulmates or into a Karmic relationship?

Sexual Compatibility

Questions Included: Will we always have the intimacy chemistry between us?

Emotional Compatibility

Questions Included: Does my partner understand me or do they simply ignore me?


Six Cards for You - Six Cards for Your Partner (Two Past – Two Present – Two Future)

Questions Included: Are we going to be together for the rest of our lives?
Please note that all the readings would include compatibility based on:

  • Zodiac signs
  • Numbers calculated by the given birthdates
  • Auras

Delivery Time: 2-3 Days