New Year Special Tarot Package

Energized Kurtas (Spiritual Shirts)
Energized Kurtas (Spiritual Shirts)
Energized Kurtas (Spiritual Shirts)

Energized Kurtas (Spiritual Shirts)

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Bless Future brings a unique concept of "Energized Kurtas (Spiritual Shirts)" to help you conquer problems related to:
  • Love
  • Money
  • Health
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Karmic Dosha/Issue
  • Past Traumas
  • Stuck Manifestations
  • Abundance 
  • Peace
  • Inactive/Stubborn Chakras in the Body
  • Sleep
  • Anything 'ethical' you require.

This time, you do not get to select what you should wear, but our Tarot Reader and Healer checks your Chart, understands your requirements, energizes the Kurta with certain Hindu Beeja Mantras and Stutis, and ships it directly to you with instructions on how and when to wear it. After the mentioned period of time, you can wash the Kurta and wear it anytime you want, casually.

Please note: The Kurtas are available only in ONE SIZE and they usually fit all sizes.
The Kurtas are made of cotton and jute materials. Some of them have wooden buttons. 
Gentle Machine Wash.

One Kurta can be bought for one purpose only, since even in spellworks, you cannot use the same candle for various purposes. The intention and energy are stronger when they are directed towards a single purpose.
Every single Kurta is carefully handpicked from "The Land of Temples" Haridwar, India.
Since we ship from another country altogether, please allow some time for the Kurta to reach you.
Your information will remain confidential with us.