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Your Past Life Readings

Your Past Life Readings

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Sometimes you are doing everything right, but things go haywire and there is only one thing that runs in your head – “what did I do to deserve all of this?

Sometimes you are tired of having repeated dreams, the meanings of which are not present on the internet as well. You fear sleeping because you know that the dream is going to pop up again and you’d feel like there is no escape.

Sometimes you feel sick because of the repeated patterns and the exes, who keep showing up in your head or face-to-face.

Sometimes, you have no words to describe the phantom pain you are in. This is why a past life reading becomes important. The best part is that our reader keeps you protected as you do not have to be a part of the session; she does it on your behalf and provides you with as much information as she can.


  • Some of your past lives, depending upon the things that are seen/heard/felt by our reader during the session
  • Brutal truth about the Karma you did to others in your past life/lives
  • Reasons why you are going through certain phobias during the current birth
  • Explanations of certain dreams (if you can relate to them)

Delivery Time: 3-4 Days (Email us at if you need it urgently)

Note: We are very careful about the privacy of our clients, we assure you that your Name, Birthdate, Picture, and Questions will be only used for doing tarot reading and nowhere else in any way. The photos you see in the review section are all put by the clients themselves after getting the reading.

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